Why TPU Phone Cases are The Best

Why TPU Phone Cases are The Best

TPU is widely used in making phone cases. TPU is known to have excellent chemical and abrasion resistance. Being an elastomer, it can be also used to make gaskets, hoses, and seals. Since it can dampen vibration and add grip, it is used in molded plastic parts.

TPU or thermoplastic polyurethane is a polymer consisting of plastic, rubber, and elastic. The TPU phone case is designed to protect your phone whenever there is a collision. This material is regarded to be the best in providing protection. Most of the TPU cases as y6p tpu case are transparent in color.

The other material that is widely used in making phone cases is silicone. Therefore, when determining whether TPU is the best, the comparison is done against this material. That is also because these two materials are considered the best in making phone cases.

Pros of TPU Cases

Adequate Protection

Ideally, TPU is a hard plastic material. This means it provides adequate safety and protection. You will find these cases to be unbreakable. This is something you will not find in most silicone phone cases.

Wide Area Coverage

The other advantage of the TPU case is that it covers a large area. This means a large area of your phone is protected. The TPU cases available on the market also cover the buttons and sides of the phone.

Excellent Grip

As far as grip is concerned, you can rest assured you are safe with TPU. It does not matter how harsh you treat these cases, you can be assured you cannot lose grip. However, this is not the case when it comes to silicone cases.


TPU phone cases are eco-friendly. This means they do not cause harm to the environment. Moreover, they are bio-degradable and friendly.


Another reason you buy a phone case is to protect your device against scratches. Hence, you need a material that is better at that. Since the material is resistant to scratches, you can be sure your phone cannot be damaged even if it falls on a sharp material.

Drawbacks of TPU Cases

Although TPU phone cases are the best, they have a share of disadvantages that are worth mentioning. These are some of the drawbacks:

Add Bulk

You should note that TPU phone cases are thick and heavy. This means they add some weight to your phone making it feel bulky. The idea of carrying a smartphone with you is because it is lightweight and portable. Anything that negatively impacts portability is a threat to this convenience.


Unlike silicone and other phone cases, TPU is known to be expensive. The smartphone itself is expensive and getting a phone case is an additional cost. However, you should think about the cost of repairing or replacing your phone in case it gets damaged. Even buying an extended warranty or insurance cover is an additional cost.

The truth is that TPU phone cases are the best. This is based on the advantages they offer, which outweigh the drawbacks. They offer better protection than silicone cases and are readily available.