All you need to know about Ushanka Hat

All you need to know about Ushanka Hat

Russian hat has been an essential part of any Russian man's wardrobe since the eleventh century, whether rich or poor. The Russian Federation's summer and winter hats were the same, with the only exception that the winter hats were fur-lined for warmth. Peasants wore round felt or rough fabric hats with thin fur trim in their traditional attire. Aristocrats and aristocratic men wore hats embellished with velvet, silver, precious metals, and gems, as well as a hair edge.

A Well-known Hat

The Ushanka is the most widely recognized winter russian hat, heavier and more insulated with ear flaps. The more extended hearing flaps may be knotted under the chin for added warmth. Earflaps can be positioned on top of the head when the weather isn't ideal. In Europe, the winter uniform of the armed forces includes a hat. There are many styles and colors to choose from, so there's something for everyone.

Choosing your Russian Hat

Traditional Russian hats come in a variety of styles. The fur variant (or faux fur for animal lovers) with ear flaps is the most common and most frequently re-visited. This oversized hat covers your entire head, as well as some of your forehead and your ear lobe. But don't worry; there are a few less impressive variants to choose from! In addition, there are a variety of colors to pick from. Besides chestnut brown and black, there are other white and more vibrant variations of these boots. Everything comes down to personal taste. Fleece variants are also available. These aren't as fashionable as Russian hats, but they'll keep you just as toasty. Finally, a toque is the ear flap-free relative of the hat, which is called a hat.

How to wear the Russian hat

For the ultimate snow queen look, wear your Russian hat with a long fur coat. You may dress it down with a padded jacket or leather jacket and neo-rocker boots, skinny jeans, or a leather mini skirt to seem like a member of the high society.

Hairstyles to go with your Russian Hat

The Russian hat is worn with the brim pushed all the way up over the earlobes. You can be sure that your hat will entirely conceal your hair if it is bobbed or cut short. If you have long or medium-length hair, wear it down or in a low up due to show it off. This hat is best suited for women with straight or wavy hair. Wear your hair in side braids, low ponytails, or a chignon if you prefer that look. Use a shampoo for oily roots and dry ends if you notice that your Russian hat causes your hair to get greasy.


The popularity of Ushanka may be attributed to its superior attributes such as easiness, warmth, simplicity, and comfort. Russians in ushanka hats are a foreign cliché, to be sure. So it's no wonder that the ushanka hat with ear flaps has become a popular winter fashion trend. And why not? It's a beautiful, practical, and cozy piece of headwear.